Breakfast… (Certe’)  Jumbo Oat Bran Mixed Berry Muffin.

We grind our oats and use a basic quick bread recipe with fresh berries and IQF cranberries.

Red Velvet Iced Tea ritual

1 qt. Alkaline Water

Snack…. Our Purchasing Director just came back from the Jersey Shore and handed me some homemade fudge.  Couple of bits and satisfied.  So delicious!

Lunch… Tuna Salad on “Bread Alone” Seven-Grain Toast.  Side of sautéed Spinach.

Skipped Snack.

Dinner (PBC) …. 1 Slice Bolognese, 1 Slice Margherita, 1 Slice Farmer’s.  (Balanced meal???)

No exercise today.

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