Chef’s Diet — Final Weigh-In

Well, after 30 some-odd days, I am pleased with the final result.  Even with all the tasting I do, sticking with my diet and NOT limiting myself to fad dieting like “no carbs, etc.” …. I managed to  lose…. Drumroll, please.  24.4 lbs!

Feel great and went down a size or more.  Was it easy?  No, but not as difficult as I imagined, even being surround by great food 24/7.  I am planning another pop after our extremely busy holiday season.

Thanks to all our customers who noticed!

CHEF’S DIET – DAY 16 Thursday, Aug 25

Breakfast .  Over easy egg over Oatmeal with fresh black pepper.

Red Velvet Iced Tea.

A combination between Yerba Mate Tea and Hibiscus to make our own healthy, delicious and fresh brewed iced tea. It energizes without the jittery side effects often associated with coffee or energy drinks. It lasts longer, boosting your metabolism and immune system.  Yerba has a strong, distinctive and slightly bitter taste (similar to coffee), which many acquire a love for; if you are not among them, add a little honey, sugar, milk, lemon or numerous other things to your mate’ and you’ll find it a whole different experience. Yerba Mate is anti-oxidant rich, and high in vitamins and minerals.  Hibiscus has a tart, cranberry-like flavor and also contains vitamin C and natural organic flavonoid acids that give it its deep red color.  The result is a smooth refreshing blend that actually energizes you!

Snack.  None.

Lunch.  Vegetable Chili with Cornbread.


Snack.  None.

Dinner (PBC).  Pasta Fagioli.  Meatball.

WEIGH IN:     263

CHEF’S DIET – DAY 15 Wed August 24

Breakfast (PBC).  Taste test of Pizza Bagel  (so delicious but not good)


Snack.  None.


Lunch.  Black Bean Soup with Chorizo.  Grilled Swiss Cheese with Tomato & Jalapeno on Seven-Grain.


Snack.  None.


Dinner.  Baked Potato, Asparagus, and Cauliflower.

                Creamsicle Ice.