Run, eat, run, eat, run, eat…. and run

Those who live for pizza had no problem wolfing down PBC’s  pizza pies at the 3rd annual NYC Pizza Run last Saturday morning.

It is commonly recommended to carbo-load the night before a big race, though few recommend consuming massive amounts of starch during the competition itself.


However, nearly 120 runners  (another 50 on a waiting list) registered in Tompkins Square for the NYC Pizza Run, a 2.25-mile run that required three pit stops for one slice of Pizza by Certe’s Margherita pizza.  Race founder Jason Feirman, founder of I Dream of Pizza, one of the country’s most popular pizza blogs, has hosted this for the third year. People come from all over, some professional marathoners, some … umm, definitely not.   Corey Lambert came all the way from California to take part, finishing in just over 20 minutes.

The ground rules:

·        Run four laps around the park

·        Stopping to eat a slice of pizza between each one

·        For a total of 2.25 miles and three slices.

One participant noted that usually he goes for the largest piece of pizza; however, this is a first trying to grab the smallest slice.

A few runners tried our Sustainable Pizza Boxes!


Even the Pizza Run staff couldn’t resist our pizza… even while handing out the slices.


The winner, Peter O’Rourke won for the second year and clocked in a time of 14 minutes, 6 secs.


 Here’s how Pizza by Certe’s team did:


 Francisco (Pizza Maker)…                       17:16

Jose (Cook)…                                           18:45

Diego (Pizza by Certe’s Manager)…        21:39

Chef Edward (Owner)…                           21:39

Adam (Management Support)…              28:36


PBC CrossFit Training

+ Eating extra well-done crust to strengthen jaws.

+ Work at least 10 –hour days standing to strengthen legs (also assists in the fast hand-eye-mouth coordination)

+ Eat at least 6 slices of Pizza per day to expand stomach.


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