Breakfast (PBC)…NY State goat Cheese, NJ Tomatoes and our Basil (we grow on site), a toasted Sesame Ciagel (Our answer to Bagels.  Using unprocessed, non-bromated flour, first they are steamed then finished in our Brick Oven)

Red Velvet Iced Tea

 Alkaline Water with Lemon

 Snack… Handful of Pistachios

 Lunch… LI Duck Egg scrambled with Spinach, Mushrooms & Tomato, Baked Potato with Malt Vinegar, OO, Sea Salt, & fresh Pepper.

           Duck Eggs have   more to offer than Chicken Eggs.


 Day 2 Lunch





Alkaline Water with splash of fresh OJ

 Sencha Shot Green Tea (need a boost)

 Snack… Double Espresso (finish what the Green Tea couldn’t) & Fruit Salad

 Dinner (PBC)… 2 Slices Margherita, 1 Slice Italian Wedding.

 Very filling, but not bloating.  When I have 3 slices of Pizza, usually my wedding band gets tight.  I guess that is why, every so often, my wife leaves leftovers on counter for me.

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