For the 4th Year….Certe’ feeds the NYFD for the 2011 NYC Marathon

We were proud to be able to again provide complimentary food for New York’s Bravest who ran this year’s Marathon!

The excitement of the marathon doesn’t end after the finish line tape breaks. The NYC Marathon has several races within the race such as the Mayor’s Cup–an annual battle between the New York Police Department team and the New York City Fire Department team for a trophy and year-long justification for tormenting the losing team.   

The FDNY team won the trophy for the 25th time (after 9/11 the teams ran in unison — without a winner) with a score of 10-4.   The FDNY’s team combined times beat the NYPD’s by more than an hour to win the Mayor’s Cup.

 “We usually smoke them, but the last couple of years it’s gotten tighter and tighter,” said Mike Cacciola, coordinator for the fire department team.  When asked if the firefighters were more fit, Cacciola emphasized the good-natured approach of the competition.  “I try to maintain a good relationship with my counterparts on the police department,” he said. “The athleticism of the firefighters warrants us to be extremely competitive.”

Both teams donate their prizes — one million flying miles to the champion and 500,000 to the loser, from Continental Airlines — to charity.

We hope that looking forward to our food had something to do with it.