CHEF’S DIET – DAY 11 Saturday, August 20

Breakfast/Lunch (Home)… Leftover Pizza.  Can’t get enough.

Dinner… Went to Grocery to with my 2 daughters, local Italian Grocery store.  Pretty much every thing fresh & from local farmers.  We got some ribs, which we will cook with mint and garlic on low in the oven and use the juices to make a glaze.  Add honey to juices in a small pan & reduce down and glaze the ribs when I throw them on the grill. 

Aug 20 Dinner–Ribs Out of Oven

Aug 20 Dinner–Ribs

Cooking the Ribs on a low temp before throwing on the Grill and infusing them with Mint and Garlic, it will be a much more healthy way of cooking instead of the fatty way they are usually cooked.

This is more of a Mediterranean twist.

  We also have a Red Lentil Salad with Carrot shavings with Mint, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt & Pepper, keeping everything simple for my kids.  Roasted Carrots & Asparagus. Fresh Corn on the Cobb & Baked Potatoes we will put on the grill so I think we have everything we need for a healthy meal.





The best support I can get is from my Family because they all want to go on this venture with me. 

CHEF’S DIET – DAY 9 (Thursday Aug 18)

Breakfast.. One of the greatest things is “Grandma’s” cooking.  Once a week, we have a little old Mexican woman who sells hot Tamales from a cooler. No question where these ingredients are from!!  “Best Breakfast”… the spice is better than caffeine.


Snack… Popcorn leftover from event.

Lunch… Fruit & Cottage cheese.

Wish I had small curd Cottage Cheese.  After investigation, our Steward checked the wrong product in… what a difference.

Dinner (PBC)… Striped Bass Cartoccio and side of Broccoli di Rabe.

Aug 18 Dinner

Chef Diego likes to be my nemesis….

Chef Diego is Evil

August 18 Weigh-In

I lost pounds in water weight… now I need to get serious.

WEIGH IN:  267


Breakfast… Eggs, Spinach, Seven-Grain Toast

Snack… Cup of Grapes.

Lunch… Pappardelle Al Forno ( my favorite Pasta dish) with Cauliflower Merguez instead of Beef.

We will see this a lot ..

No Snack.

Dinner PBC… 1 Slice Bianco, 1 Slice Margherita, 1 Slice Capo.

Full, but not bloated!


Breakfast… Busy… on the run.  Just a scoop of plain Oatmeal (literally eaten over a garbage can).  Guzzled water.  Iced Coffee.

Snack… Pick and Tasting (the best kind of snack)

Lunch… Fruit Salad & Cottage Cheese

Need to eat light, going running later

No Snack.

Dinner PBC… Stuffed Peppers–  Cauliflower, Spinach, Mushrooms, Arborio Rice with fresh Mozzarella, Grana Padana & HOC (Herbs of Certe’).  Sauteed Garlicky Spinach.  Water.


August 16 Dinner–Stuffed Peppers



Breakfast… (Certe’)  Jumbo Oat Bran Mixed Berry Muffin.

We grind our oats and use a basic quick bread recipe with fresh berries and IQF cranberries.

Red Velvet Iced Tea ritual

1 qt. Alkaline Water

Snack…. Our Purchasing Director just came back from the Jersey Shore and handed me some homemade fudge.  Couple of bits and satisfied.  So delicious!

Lunch… Tuna Salad on “Bread Alone” Seven-Grain Toast.  Side of sautéed Spinach.

Skipped Snack.

Dinner (PBC) …. 1 Slice Bolognese, 1 Slice Margherita, 1 Slice Farmer’s.  (Balanced meal???)

No exercise today.


Brunch (Home)… Fruit Salad, Cottage Cheese, Scrambled Eggs in OO with Sea Salt & fresh Pepper

 Because I work a lot and don’t spend too much time at home, I need to begin researching around where I live.  Hopefully, next weekend I will have a better chance.

Dinner…  Went out for Mexican to  a Mom & Pop Mexican Restaurant with Abuelas in the kitchen.  Mole Enchiladas.  Very fresh.  Not certain how local or organic, but very fresh.

CHEF’S DIET – DAY 4 (Saturday, August 13)

 Usually I work on Saturdays, but in August… I take off.  Whenever I am not working and home with my family, I do a 2-meal (Brunch/Dinner) with some snacks.


Brunch…. Asparagus, Mushroom & Gruyere Frittata with sautéed Potato and Onions in OO.

Had to cook due to hard to find guideline ingredients.


Dinner…. Local Tuna cooked rare, avocado, corn & Arugula.  Minestrone Soup.

Had an early dinner.  Took my Wife out for her belated Birthday (I know, don’t say it).

   Aug 13 Brunch... Tuna with Avocado, Corn & Arugula



 Snack…. Air-Popped Popcorn