Pumpkin isn’t just for Pie. Anymore. (by Chef Edward Sylvia)

Surely one of the great things of the Fall season, is the smell of freshly baked Pumpkin anything. So, yes, I am including the Pumpkin Pie recipe I made, but there are a couple of other things you can make with the entire Pumpkin too.  Ahh, pumpkin pie made from a fresh pumpkin tastes so much better than the glop that was processed last year. Don’t let it scare you off, the pie pulls together pretty quickly and is really not that difficult.  This Pumpkin was a  joint effort with my kids.  Share with some very lucky people! (but choose them wisely…)


There is something magical about a carved pumpkin with a candle glowing inside to celebrate a crisp fall evening. …Especially a Bi-Polar Pumpkin that turns into Pumpkin Pie-Polar.  So, is YOUR Pumpkin ready?

 All photos by Alexandra Sylvia—pretty good job, huh?
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